Making art makes you smarter

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Truth! Go here and read the 6 reasons why making art is so good for you … and then damn it go make some damn art.

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Unquestionably worth it

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We don’t try something simply because there’s no downside. Instead, we intelligently choose projects where the downside is understood and the work is worth doing.

– Seth Godin

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“There’s this idea around people removing anything from their life doesn’t serve them. It’s like, ‘Oh, that doesn’t serve me, I’m removing that from my life.’ What’s underlying this…is the idea that we should only keep things in our life that serve us, e.g. ‘Everyone in the world is here to serve me and everything in the world is here for my sole perpetual pleasure.’ The reason I think that’s problematic is because if you’re going to throw away a person or a relationship at the very first sign of challenge, or dissatisfaction, or conflict, then you’re going to rob yourself of a lot of opportunities for growth, and for healing, and for forgiveness.”

-designer and community builder Kat Vellos

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Clear, simple, wrong


For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
H. L. Mencken


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Funny not funny

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This is so real and shows how broken most of the web is today >

To collect where no man has collected before


A personal project that began during the 2020 quarantine, a long-time Trekkie and collector of design objects used in Star Trek created this fun and comprehensive website of his findings. Star Trek + Design showcases his collection.

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