High performance, full service, detail fanatics

Michelle Shapiro, Main Brain / Graphic Designer / Creative Director

Wil Thomas, Web Brainiac / Programmer

Ben Hellwarth, Alphabet Overlord / Copy Writer / Editor

diverIpso Facto Creative Group is an independent design studio established by Michelle Shapiro in 2001. Offering a varied range of integrated services including brand strategy, art direction, print and website design. The starting point for every project is an informed approach and an attention to detail, with the aim of creating engaging, well-crafted answers, whatever the brief.

From far-reaching campaigns to local passion projects, I am a designer who truly listens before I create. Each project begins with a “Discovery Phase” where I learn about your goals, the traits of your customer-base, and the overall context of your industry. In short, I look before leaping. Because nobody wants to belly flop.

Be sure to check out my Ipso Fabulous Blog! It is full of opinionated insight, information, and shameless self-promotion about our clients and my work.