30 creative examples of podcast cover art & branding

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by Renee Fleck

If you’re looking for branding inspiration, you’re in the right place.

30 legendary startup pitch decks & what you can learn from them

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A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides clients/investors with an overview of your business. It generally includes your product, sharing your business model, and introducing your team.

Here are some great examples of pitch decks that will help you understand what is persuasive enough to get into a clients head and the best takeaways from each deck so you’ll get an idea of what to include in your pitch deck.

[Story by Aaron Lee, Co-Founder | Leneys]

You WILL have unhappy customers

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Words of wisdom, and advise, from the always brilliant Bernadette Jiwa of The Story of Telling:

The unhappy customer lays his story at our feet, and we hastily pick it up, place it on our shoulders and carry it around with us. Yes, sometimes our products or services fall short, sometimes we get it wrong even when we’re doing our best.

Take responsibility for your mistakes and fix the things you can fix—while remembering there are some things you have no way of making good. You are not obliged to own the weight of your customer’s circumstances or worldview. You have an obligation to get back on track for the other ninety-nine customers you hope to serve and delight. Some of the greatest lessons unhappy customers can teach us are not about improving systems, processes and logistics, which in the end are easily fixed. The important learnings are about ourselves, and our resilience and determination to do good work and make a difference to the people we get the chance to serve again tomorrow and the day after that.

Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash

Little plastic pizza table has its own tiny chairs

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This summer in parts of Canada folks opened their boxes to find the classic plastic pizza-portector ‘tables’ paired with miniature patio chairs on top of their pizza. The tiny seats are precisely scaled-down reproductions of actual outdoor furniture sets, and have been 3D-printed using food safe materials.

Branding design by John St. see more of their fine work here>>

Media out of balance

Via Seth Godin:

Successful media (let’s define ‘successful’ as media that can make a difference, make a connection and possibly make a living) has four elements:



Trust and


Too often, particularly online, people just worry about the first one.

It’s a race to go viral, to go low, to make a bunch of noise. The quick hit, the shortcut, the inflammation.

But attention is insufficient.

Enrollment means that your audience wants to go where you’re going.

Trust earns you the benefit of the doubt.

And permission means you don’t have to begin from scratch every time. You’ve earned some attention. The privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages over time.

Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

Bonnie’s rules for being a better client

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Bonnie Siegler has more than 60 in her delightful new book! Here are my favorites:

White space is your friend

No, you can’t watch us work

Be open to things you didn’t imagine

Be confident, not arrogant

Nothing takes a second

Don’t be rude

Tell me the problem, not the solution

Decide who will decide

Have clarity of purpose

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash