Artistic expression via AI

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Using AI artist Vicenza creates movie posters in the most fascinating and disconcerting way imaginable. Following inputs of prompts and descriptions about the movies’ visuals, titles and premises, the AI software generates the artwork. The project named ROBOMOJO Vincenzi opens the conversation about the new technology and how artificial intelligence will impact the humane and handmade nature of art itself.

Check out Vincenzi’s work here

Something more

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I want something more concise, more simple, more serious; I want more soul and more love and more heart.
Vincent van Gogh

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The Circle (a short film)


Created by Six N. Five, this hypnotic, beautiful short film is now part of the Moco Museum collection and is scheduled to be exhibited in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Expertise vs Attitude

I absolutely agree with Seth Godin when he says:

Hire for attitude and train for expertise.

The actual differentiator in just about every job is attitude. From plumbers to carpenters to radiologists to pharmacists, someone with extraordinary soft skills (honesty, commitment, compassion, resilience, enrollment in the journey, empathy, willingness to be coached… the real skills that we actually care about) is going to outperform.

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Oh sure there is Wordle…

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Oh sure there is Wordle. But it is a one-and-done experience. I spent my entire morning playing this history-timeline game and I am not sorry. In fact I feel smugly smarter. Deceptively simple, completely addicting. I dare you to not love it.

Being nice is a superpower

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cloudBeing nice is a superpower.

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