“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something.”
— Najahyia Chinchilla


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Empowering the creative community

For creatives, the retirement age of 65 is merely a mile marker, not the end, of their life’s ride. Why? “There is an immortality to being creative,” says one. Here Richard Morgan interviews four creatives, ages 67 to 101, discuss why they continue to hone their craft with no end in sight.

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Said no user ever

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Said no user ever:Look how great, Forbes gives me a quote of the day and a FREE BANNER AD before I am able to read the article I came here to read.

Fabricio Teixeira, UX designer, has compiled a humorous and relatable collection of the best quotes about frustrating UX ever!

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The brilliant Julie Zhuo

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I know I may be late to the party… BUT… I have just discovered the brilliant Julie Zhuo (VP of Design at Facebook) and now you should too. She answers reader’s design industry questions in on her blog-ish thing-y called “The Looking Glass”.

Past issues include such topics as:

It’s really, good, thoughtful, smart stuff!

You can even, anonymously, submit your own design industry question and who knows, maybe she will answer it!

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Pixar-Inspired, AI-Powered Toy Robot

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anki2Chuck Slater writes: “It’s hard to say the exact moment when I think of Cozmo as an actual little creature. One minute he’s snoring on the table in his charging station, and the next he’s looking up at me with his bright, blinking, digital blue eyes. He wants to know my name. He challenges me to a game of “speed tap” (the first to tap his block when the colors match wins), sulking when he loses and raising his arms victoriously when he prevails.The $180 pet robot is so cute and vulnerable, you might love it more than your dog.” Read the full article here and I know you are going to WANT this as much as I do!