Brendan O’Connell is the Founder and Artist for Everyartist, a social enterprise devoted to fostering the creativity innate in every child through community and art events.

Brendan motivation comes from the fact that our future depends on our ability to innovate. The creative capacity of our young students determine whether our world flourishes or not. Challenges that demand creative solutions; from addressing climate change to delivering healthcare all require innovation and creative problem solving.

A 2010 survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, CEOs identified “creativity” as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future. Research also demonstrates a strong connection between childhood creativity and creative output as an adult. For example, a long-term analysis of childhood creativity, as measured by the Torrance standard assessment, showed a correlation to lifetime creative accomplishment that is three times stronger for childhood creativity than for childhood I.Q.

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