Ending a Text With a Period Makes You Seem Like a Monster

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As a recovering Exclaimation Point abuser I knew this was a thing! Ending a text with a period will make you look angry and insincere. Periods convey finality in a pissy “done with you” kind of way. Read the full article by Cari Romm here >


The Dangers of Being Too Hard on Yourself

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dangers-960x425As creative entrepreneurs, or any business owner for that matter, we have worn the stress and strife of constant business as a badge of effort. We understand on a visceral level that any spare time not spent on our business is an indication that we are not fully committed.
But according to Christian Jarrett in this article, what if we are being misguided? Here is an excellent read that sheds light on a different mind set. “Of course dedication and honest self-reflection are important, but studies are showing repeatedly that beating yourself up too often is counterproductive, as is excessive self-criticism. Rather, showing yourself kindness and respect isn’t being self-indulgent, it will help you overcome setbacks and find greater success.” Read the article here.



Writing a bio or an about page is hard!

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teacher2Any brand should start with the truth, even if a bit of it is based on hope or a new direction. Specificity is so important. And, above all, an authentic voice must ring true. Nicole Fenton has helped many successful creatives with their personal branding. She has a step-by-step process for making an About Page that feels authentic and gets you the clients you deserve!  Read the article here.


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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adams

Separatism is for losers

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Joining the greatest commencement addresses for RISD of all time is John Waters’s spectacular 2015 RISD graduation speech on creative rebellion and the artist’s task to cause constructive chaos. Watch it here.