30 legendary startup pitch decks & what you can learn from them

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A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides clients/investors with an overview of your business. It generally includes your product, sharing your business model, and introducing your team.

Here are some great examples of pitch decks that will help you understand what is persuasive enough to get into a clients head and the best takeaways from each deck so you’ll get an idea of what to include in your pitch deck.

[Story by Aaron Lee, Co-Founder | Leneys]

Fish in a barrel


There’s some confusion here.

Of course it’s easy to shoot fish in a barrel.

The difficult part, the part no one talks about, is getting the fish into the barrel in the first place.

– Seth Godin

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash


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“That’s why I didn’t recognize what I was going through was burnout. I was conceiving of it as an illness like the flu. You get it, you collapse for a weekend, or you go on vacation and you cure it. Instead, it’s this thing when the joy is sapped, not only out of your work, but out of other things too, because everything is flattened into one long to-do list, and nothing feels like fulfillment. Nothing feels cathartic, it’s just one damn thing after another.”

Anne Helen Petersen talking about “Errand Paralysis”

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

An all new blue

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Apparently, the global pigments market is expected to reach revenues of $34.2 billion by 2020. Who knew? Read about one Oregon researcher who set out to invent a new kind of semiconductor and ended up with a blue pigment!

Photo courtesy of Oregon State University

Full-size volkswagen built with LEGOS

400,000 pieces of LEGO were used to build this full-size volkswagen, including the folding tables, a sink, coffee set, gas stove, and artwork. there’s even a couple of toothbrushes and what looks like a tube of toothpaste.

Built by LEGO certified master model maker Rene Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhardbuil.

Check it out here >>

Evolution of the alphabet

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evolution-alphabetFrom Matt Baker of UsefulCharts.