An all new blue

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Apparently, the global pigments market is expected to reach revenues of $34.2 billion by 2020. Who knew? Read about one Oregon researcher who set out to invent a new kind of semiconductor and ended up with a blue pigment!

Photo courtesy of Oregon State University

Full-size volkswagen built with LEGOS

400,000 pieces of LEGO were used to build this full-size volkswagen, including the folding tables, a sink, coffee set, gas stove, and artwork. there’s even a couple of toothbrushes and what looks like a tube of toothpaste.

Built by LEGO certified master model maker Rene Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhardbuil.

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Evolution of the alphabet

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evolution-alphabetFrom Matt Baker of UsefulCharts.

One Breath Around The World


You better sit down for this one… absolutely breathtaking.

A new (12 min) short film by Guillaume Néry.

Rose Gold is dead…

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…and Pantone’s Color of the Year killed it.

Meet Living Coral. It’s the color of resistance, of tech company rebrands, and of 1960s Americana–a familiar and energizing hue that you’re about to see everywhere.

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How to make paper airplanes

paper airplanes

Seriously. How cool is this. Grab some paper, a few friends and let’s do this!

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