Creativity, Fear and Big Magic

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Creatives are never fair to themselves. It takes so much courage to put artwork that came from our core into the world. Watch this Marie Forleo interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. Especially the part about the shit sandwich. Seriously.



The first rule of industrial chic: You do not talk about industrial chic.

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Natalie Jacewicz (NPR, The Salt) asks “Why does every new restaurant look like a factory?” “… For the past few years, my friends and I have noticed two trends when dining. First, seemingly every high-end menu rebukes factory farming with an essay about locally sourced pork belly, and second, just about every one of these restaurants looks so much like a factory — with exposed light bulbs, steel details and brick walls — that I’m constantly looking over my shoulder for the foreman.”


Ending a Text With a Period Makes You Seem Like a Monster

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As a recovering Exclaimation Point abuser I knew this was a thing! Ending a text with a period will make you look angry and insincere. Periods convey finality in a pissy “done with you” kind of way. Read the full article by Cari Romm here >


7 Learning Strategies to Borrow From Your Kids

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learnThey can’t tie their shoelaces, and they may not have that whole hand-eye coordination thing down just yet, but there are still plenty of life skills grownups can pick up just by mimicking little kids. The strategies children use to learn about the world around them are especially worthy of closer inspection. Read More >

An Interview with Cyberella

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myrtoAlexi Ueltzen, a Creative Community Evangelist at Ello, interviews Myrto Simic:

Alexi asked “Your monsters are often part of a very normal street scene or activity. How do you decide the setting for each piece?” I loved Myrto’s response “The notion behind this was that those monsters are trying to rule the world. They are everywhere, in Paris, Britain, Greece, etc., but they fail miserably because they became quiet cozy with this world. So they visit museums even though they look creepy and eerie, they enjoy long walks and going on summer vacations – much like humans do – whilst sometimes their world integrates rather than merges with our own.” Read the full interview, and see more of Myrto’s work here >

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