Vases made from pvc pipes

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Just because a material is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t be high design. At this year’s Salone furniture fair in Milan, Japanese designed Kodai Iwamoto is displaying a set of vases made from plastic pipes you could buy at any hardware store! Check out the full article here >>

Bonnie’s rules for being a better client

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Bonnie Siegler has more than 60 in her delightful new book! Here are my favorites:

White space is your friend

No, you can’t watch us work

Be open to things you didn’t imagine

Be confident, not arrogant

Nothing takes a second

Don’t be rude

Tell me the problem, not the solution

Decide who will decide

Have clarity of purpose

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Photographer Tim Flach

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Tim Flach is a photographer who, most recently, has been taking photographs of endangered species, and has chosen – deliberately – to use the style of (human) portrait photography.


I hate funnels

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Ben Chestnut, the CEO and co-founder of Mailchimp, hates funnels. More specifically “Marketing Funnels” and I absolutely agree! I encourage you to read the full article. Here is a tasty excerpt:

… I hate funnels. And professional marketers just won’t shut up about those God forsaken things. The idea is that you need a ton of website visitors, then some of them become become leads, and then after you do something (the usual recommendation is to bombard the leads with marketing automation) they relent and pay you money, thus becoming a “customer.”

… I hate this, because it’s shortsighted. Deliver awesome customer service. Delight them. Empower them. When I say “empower them” I mean empower them for free, with “no strings attached.” Because when companies make people sign up and register to download their content, we all know they’re about to feed us into the automation meat grinder.

The crisp meeting

The biggest difference between great work and pretty-good work are the meetings that accompanied it. It’s a disappointing waste of time, resources and talent to spend money to work on a problem that actually should be a conversation first… and then schedule the meetings.

Want more info? Read the full article by the *always a-may-zing* Seth Godin HERE>>