Legs Change Everything

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This is what I am obsessing about today. Based in colorado, Modern Legs manufactures mid-century modern table legs that you can just DIY to anything. Look at this disgusting piece of crap that was probably used to store bags of dead squirrels (Before). And then After. Instant Mad Men style with the simple addition of hairpin legs! And some stripping! And some varnishing! And then maybe some contact paper!

Go here and let the DIYing begin.

Empathy Cards by Emily McDowell

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Emily McDowell has launched a beautiful line of Empathy Cards designed to give to people with a serious illness.

“With Empathy Cards, my goal is to help people connect with each other through truth and insight, which is one of the founding principles of this brand. I want the recipients of these cards to feel seen, understood, and loved.”
Check them out here.