The Future of Branding is Debranding

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unbranding-960x425As branding is, fundamentally, just a form of communication, it will never disappear. And it shouldn’t. But the focus will shift. It will shift from branded products to branded places: stores and their owners who select and sell the products they like. Branded content camouflages what companies have been trying to do since time immemorial: Sell you stuff. This excellent article by Jasmine De Bruycker is an excellent 5-minute read worth your time. Read More Here >







Question Storming vs. Brain Storming

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Warren Berger (the author of the new book A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas) writes:

Brainstorming has developed a fraught reputation, perhaps deservedly so. When groups of people are thrown together and expected to come up with original ideas, there is often too much pressure to be creative—resulting in ideas that are anything but. (more…)

The Productivity Rule of 3

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This is a great article from A Life of Productivity about the rules of 3. Below is the excerpt… you can read the full article here:

For some strange reason, our brain is wired to think in threes. As kids, we grow up immersed in stories that involve threes: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Blind Mice, and the Three Little Pigs. In high school, when we’re forced to dissect books like The Three Musketeers for English class, we break down the plot into three parts—the beginning, middle, and end. When we become adults, we observe that good things happen in threes, and that the “third time’s the charm.” The Olympics awards three medals for each event—gold, silver and bronze… READ MORE >

Writing a bio or an about page is hard!

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teacher2Any brand should start with the truth, even if a bit of it is based on hope or a new direction. Specificity is so important. And, above all, an authentic voice must ring true. Nicole Fenton has helped many successful creatives with their personal branding. She has a step-by-step process for making an About Page that feels authentic and gets you the clients you deserve!  Read the article here.

A Guided Meditation for the Realities of Today’s World

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“Gradually let the horseshit of the external world fade from your awareness.” Let Jason Headley help you forget the realities of the world and relax with “F*ck That: A Guided Meditation”.