7 Learning Strategies to Borrow From Your Kids

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learnThey can’t tie their shoelaces, and they may not have that whole hand-eye coordination thing down just yet, but there are still plenty of life skills grownups can pick up just by mimicking little kids. The strategies children use to learn about the world around them are especially worthy of closer inspection. Read More >

How to Name a Business

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nameAt a time when almost every existing word in the language has been trademarked, the option of coming up with a good business name is tough. On the flip side, made-up words aren’t the right solution for every situation. New words are complex and may create a perception that the product, service or company is complex, which may not be true. Plus, naming beginners might find this sort of coining beyond their capabilities.

Still stumped? Need some inspiration? Check out Naminum, an online name generation tool that helps you discover interesting options to get your creative juices flowing.



An Interview with Cyberella

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myrtoAlexi Ueltzen, a Creative Community Evangelist at Ello, interviews Myrto Simic:

Alexi asked “Your monsters are often part of a very normal street scene or activity. How do you decide the setting for each piece?” I loved Myrto’s response “The notion behind this was that those monsters are trying to rule the world. They are everywhere, in Paris, Britain, Greece, etc., but they fail miserably because they became quiet cozy with this world. So they visit museums even though they look creepy and eerie, they enjoy long walks and going on summer vacations – much like humans do – whilst sometimes their world integrates rather than merges with our own.” Read the full interview, and see more of Myrto’s work here >

Do you know about Ello? Ello is the only network designed for creators, by creators. A robust and growing community of artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, architects, GIF makers – creators, who understand that our process, practice, values and passions can push the world forward in a better direction.


Neon Robotic

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neon-960x425These guys. This team. Once again hit it out of the ballpark of the creativity game. Watch them here>

The Dangers of Being Too Hard on Yourself

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dangers-960x425As creative entrepreneurs, or any business owner for that matter, we have worn the stress and strife of constant business as a badge of effort. We understand on a visceral level that any spare time not spent on our business is an indication that we are not fully committed.
But according to Christian Jarrett in this article, what if we are being misguided? Here is an excellent read that sheds light on a different mind set. “Of course dedication and honest self-reflection are important, but studies are showing repeatedly that beating yourself up too often is counterproductive, as is excessive self-criticism. Rather, showing yourself kindness and respect isn’t being self-indulgent, it will help you overcome setbacks and find greater success.” Read the article here.



Pixar-Inspired, AI-Powered Toy Robot

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anki2Chuck Slater writes: “It’s hard to say the exact moment when I think of Cozmo as an actual little creature. One minute he’s snoring on the table in his charging station, and the next he’s looking up at me with his bright, blinking, digital blue eyes. He wants to know my name. He challenges me to a game of “speed tap” (the first to tap his block when the colors match wins), sulking when he loses and raising his arms victoriously when he prevails.The $180 pet robot is so cute and vulnerable, you might love it more than your dog.” Read the full article here and I know you are going to WANT this as much as I do!