The best kind of self-promotion

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The feeling we leave our clients and customers with (about themselves and not us) as they walk out the door is the best self-promotion money can’t buy. No amount of pleading and persuading beats the delivery of an exceptional experience that the customer wants to repeat.
~ Bernadette Jiwa from The Story of Telling


The details are not the details; they make the product.
– Charles and Ray Eames

Sparking Human Creativity

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Brendan O’Connell is the Founder and Artist for Everyartist, a social enterprise devoted to fostering the creativity innate in every child through community and art events. (more…)

Objects I Can’t Afford

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“Welcome to my on-going wish list of things that are juuust out of my budget.”
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The Candy Diet

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Seth Godin writes in this article The Candy Diet: The bestselling novel of 1961 was Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent. Millions of people read this 690-page political novel. In 2016, the big sellers were coloring books.

Fifteen years ago, cable channels like TLC (the “L” stood for Learning), Bravo and the History Channel (the “History” stood for History) promised to add texture and information to the blighted TV landscape. Now these networks run shows about marrying people based on how well they kiss.

And of course, newspapers won Pulitzer prizes for telling us things we didn’t want to hear. We’ve responded by not buying newspapers any more.

The decline of thoughtful media has been discussed for a century. This is not new. What is new: A fundamental shift not just in the profit-seeking gatekeepers, but in the culture as a whole.

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