“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something.”
— Najahyia Chinchilla


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The ‘Best’ way to sign off on an email

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The quickest way to wish them well before you hit send…  Merriam-Webster says “Best” is best. To most, its simplicity crisply connotes a sense of goodwill without sounding stuffy or disingenuous.

According to the article: The origin of best as a closer for correspondence begins with the phrase “best wishes,” which has been used to express hope for a person’s future happiness or well-being since the 16th century, as demonstrated by the Earl of Essex in a 1595 letter: “This … is … accompanyed with my best wishes, from your lordship’s most affectionate cosin and friend.”

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Your three feet of influence

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We can be the kind of people who lead with their hearts and behave to those around them in an ethical, honest, and kindly manner that creates for those who enter that three feet around us a feeling of peace that also serves to steady the self.

~ Your Three Feet of Influence, by Sharon Salzberg.

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Empowering the creative community

For creatives, the retirement age of 65 is merely a mile marker, not the end, of their life’s ride. Why? “There is an immortality to being creative,” says one. Here Richard Morgan interviews four creatives, ages 67 to 101, discuss why they continue to hone their craft with no end in sight.

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Said no user ever

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Said no user ever:Look how great, Forbes gives me a quote of the day and a FREE BANNER AD before I am able to read the article I came here to read.

Fabricio Teixeira, UX designer, has compiled a humorous and relatable collection of the best quotes about frustrating UX ever!

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4 important stories to know

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This from Bernadette Jiwa, the brilliance behind The Story of Telling. A quick, and excellent, article.

“Every marketer knows he needs to tell his customers a story about what he’s creating—one he hopes will help them buy into his idea or buy his product…. Many businesses devote a disproportionate amount of time trying to woo and please people who will never become their ideal customers.”

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