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“Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies.
They emanate from everything the company does.”
—Howard Schultz

Nickels and dimes are worth less than that

“The real asset you’re building is trust.

And even though it’s tempting to cut a corner here and there to boost profit per interaction, the real cost is huge.

No one will say anything, no one will put up a fuss, until one day, they’re gone. Those extra few dollars you made with some fancy footwork have now cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost value.

The opposite is clearly true: invest a nickel or a dime every chance you get, and the trust you earn pays for itself a hundred times over.”
~ Seth Godin

10 traits of highly sought after designers

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Great work can be found anywhere. But a relationship? A trusted partner? Those things require much more than software skills.

I’ve learned that most people are looking for the same 10 traits in every designer. Spoiler: Actually being good at design did make the list.

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Cost reduce or value increase?

Again, Seth Godin is spot on:

Organizations that want to increase their metrics either invest in:

Creating more value for their customers, or

Doing just enough to keep going, but for less effort and money.

During their first decade, the core group at Amazon regularly amazed customers by investing in work that created more value. When you do that, people talk, the word spreads, growth happens.

Inevitably, particularly for public companies, it becomes easier to focus on keeping what you’ve got going, but cheaper. You may have noticed, for example, that their once legendary customer service hardly seems the same, with 6 or 7 interactions required to get an accurate and useful response.

This happens to organizations regardless of size or stature. It’s a form of entropy. Unless you’re vigilant, the apparently easy path of cost reduction will distract you from the important work of value creation.

The key question to ask in the meeting is: Are we increasing value or lowering costs?

Race to the top or race to the bottom, it’s a choice.

When our work matters

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Simon Sinek shares insights on millennials, technology, and the importance of empathy in good leadership. We flourish when we’re seen, when our work matters, and when we connect with and understand one another. Promising that it will be the most profound 30 minutes of your day.
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The best kind of self-promotion

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The feeling we leave our clients and customers with (about themselves and not us) as they walk out the door is the best self-promotion money can’t buy. No amount of pleading and persuading beats the delivery of an exceptional experience that the customer wants to repeat.
~ Bernadette Jiwa from The Story of Telling